Sometime back I was surprised to learn that the Nairobi County Government workers had gone on strike. The parking tickets were still being issued for the lucky ones, as cars were still getting clamped where the County parking attendants had conveniently gone missing, and the random inhumane ‘arrests’ for all manner of by-law infringements were not impacted in any way. Add a comment

Hustler's Jet?

For the past week, I’ve been suffering a ‘writer’s block’... be advised, this was self-diagnosis. At least that’s what those first rate authors call it. To fend off my handler at TheNairobian and without owning up that my third-rate column is suffering some ‘minor set-backs’, I resorted to a tendency that most third-rate columnist have perfected over the years – scavenging - trawling the web hoping to find some well worthy stories to pass on as my own. Then came last Saturday night, having deliberately missed tens of calls from my handler, I was dreading falling asleep for fear of the eminent daylight which would mean the commencement of fresh calls from the same buffoon, who believes writing is a child’s play. Add a comment

A Press Release by Sunshine Press

22:30 GMT, May 23, 2013

WikiLeaks leaks the transcript of $2 million documentary "We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks" by Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney, ahead of its world-wide release tomorrow night (May 24 2013). The annotated transcript reveals errors and sleight of hand by the director Alex Gibney. The premiere of "We Steal Secrets" is opportunistically timed. Bradley Manning's 12-week trial commences on Monday (3 June). Manning may face life in prison and could potentially face the death penalty. Charges include espionage and aiding the enemy.

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