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22:30 GMT, May 23, 2013

WikiLeaks leaks the transcript of $2 million documentary "We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks" by Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney, ahead of its world-wide release tomorrow night (May 24 2013). The annotated transcript reveals errors and sleight of hand by the director Alex Gibney. The premiere of "We Steal Secrets" is opportunistically timed. Bradley Manning's 12-week trial commences on Monday (3 June). Manning may face life in prison and could potentially face the death penalty. Charges include espionage and aiding the enemy.

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Sometime in 2004, the late Senator Mutula Kilonzo, SC, had several meetings with a freelance journalist, Tom Hollum. In 2005, the latter had the only authorized and uncensored bio of the man who was to become among others the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs and the first Senator of Makueni County. Now Exclusive to Mr. Tom Hollum shares his thought on the man he interviewed almost a decade ago - and became his friend.


This is the first typewriter bought by Mutula Kilonzo, SC from an auction for KES.250 as he set up his law firm, Mutula Kilonzo & Co

This is the first typewriter bought by Mutula Kilonzo, SC from an auction for KES.250 as he set up his law firm, Mutula Kilonzo & Co
(Photo Courtesy of

The weekend of April 27 was the darkest in my professional career. I felt some sense of loss and failure. Accepting the death of Mutula hasn’t been that easy for me. It’s always believed that people’s greatness are usually only spoken of upon their deaths, but getting an appropriate adjective for Mutula has been the most difficult thing for me ever since I heard the news of his death. Would the Latin word, extra rdin rius best be used to describe him? Lawyer, extraordinaire, politician, extraordinaire, neighbour, extraordinaire anything and everything, extraordinaire.

As a journalist, I have never tried to hide my discontent with the political elites. During our first meeting, he gave me one of his two trademark laughter after I decried his decision to quit a profession that had licensed misspeakers to one that couldn’t distinguish between truths and untruths aka politicians.

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We do love The Standard Newspaper. Honest, we do. Even when they do stuff like assault us with the austrocity that was their previous website. We just wrote about it. Or when their reporter did an interview which was disputed. We only noted it. Or when they decided to take our name and paste it on a weekly tabloid. We are merely discussing things with our lawyers in this regards. Such is our love for The Standard. But they are really hard to love all the times. And chuff at our capacity to love when they substantially use a source without outright declaring it.

The passing on of Senator Mutula Kilonzo SC sometimes between the evening of Friday April 26 and the morning of Saturday April 27, brought the best, the bad, the sad and the ugly in us. There was a rush not to be left behind by nearly all media houses... While some journalists turned to Wikipedia for inspiration, The Standard's Managing Editor, Mwenda Njoka seemed to have got his inspiration from the work of a freelance journalist that was published in 2005. Add a comment

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